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Lift Heavier

Lifting is about self improvement and getting better every single day. Your goal should always be to out-do yourself each time you set foot in the gym. I’ve found that the most growth occurs when one overloads the muscle with heavy weight. This should be done progressively over time which means that you should always increase the weight each week and try get as many reps as you can on the heaviest weight possible. For example if you can do 40kg barbell curl today for only three reps, the following week you should be able to do five reps on the 40kg lift and so on. The body adapts quickly, once you’re hitting more than five reps on that heavy weight, you should go to an even heavier weight and restart the process. Of course variety is key so don’t get stuck on only one method of overloading the muscle. Try weeks where you focus on tons of reps and supersets with more controlled motion and other weeks where you focus on lifting heavy. Always keep the body guessing.

Alternate Between Biceps and Triceps

I like to alternate between biceps and triceps exercises because it helps one muscle recover and buffer lactic acid while I work the other muscle. Sometimes I’ll do two biceps exercises consecutively and then do a triceps exercise to give the biceps a break until I can hit them hard again. I don’t always do this; some days I I’ll do all the biceps exercises followed by the triceps exercises. Keep your body guessing and it will keep growing!