An RTM execution solution for CPG companies is a competitive advantage

Route to Market

With MIO MAP – RTM execution solution you can construct routes to market and redistribute your sales and service resources in ways that serve customers in a differentiated and effective fashion, while controlling costs and complexity. This represents a major competitive advantage in a sector that is characterized by intense competition.

Geographic expansion, growth in customer base and product lines, and the dictates of competition and cost reduction have created an urgent need for them to re-evaluate and redesign existing RTM execution models. Companies that are successful in this endeavour can right-size their sales and service forces and better allocate their talent. They can bolster product presence and customer experience at the point of sale, and they can devote greater effort to strategic and high-profit SKUs. They also can reduce their overall cost-to-serve. In short, they can cut costs and grow stronger.

MIO MAP – RTM execution solution supports the typical three major activity types:

  • Growing activities are the work of establishing and expanding customer accounts
  • Sustaining activities are the work of servicing and maintaining customer accounts
  • Value-adding activities are the work of brand building and enhancing the customer experience at the point of sale

Some of the significant benefits of the MIO MAP RTM execution solution are:

  • Increased revenues through improved sales force deployment
  • A better consumer experience through improved execution and trade merchandising
  • An increase in trade customer satisfaction resulting from differentiated routes to market that are better aligned to customer preferences
  • Increased efficiencies resulting in a lower cost-to-serve as a percentage of total sales

MIO MAP – RTM Solution – Providing CPG companies with practical and functional execution ability