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Retail Execution

Poor execution at the point of sale can contribute to lost sales. Coupled with the fact that consumers are indicating that their loyalty towards brands are low, and that in-store purchases are still impulse buys.

Sales reps/merchies often waste time and resources on poor routes: driving highways instead of sales. So how can your business develop more consistent, targeted and timely retail execution? Or, simply, how can you accelerate performance and avoid costly detours?

MIO MAP – REX puts the answers at your fingertips

Common challenges in terms of tracking, managing, and recording retail execution are:

  • Information delays and gap from the field
  • Expensive third-party services
  • Inconsistent retail audit
  • Inconsistent processes between stores or territories
  • High staffing costs
  • Inefficiencies and inaccuracies in transcribing audit results

We have incorporated best practices for achieving ROI on retail execution, such as:

  • Increase throughput and reduce costs of in-store activities
  • Streamline in-store data collection
  • Slice and dice outlets for precision
  • Improve accountability of the field teams
  • Workflows and alerts to fix in-store issues
  • Expand outlet data coverage

You can now deploy all crucial elements of retail execution which includes visit planning and scheduling, workforce tracking and tracing, store orders, update store details, store level allocations and replenishments, supplier stocks, deals and promos, store activities and workflows, planogram compliance, dynamic forms for customization, store insights, accessing supplier data and integrating to back-end systems if required.

MIO MAP – REX helps you identify your in-store execution gap?

Execution Gap (EG) = the variance between the picture of success and the picture of reality.