Enterprise Mobility Management

MIO MAP addresses the challenges deploying Mobile Apps by managing the diversity of devices, networks and user groups at the time of deployment and throughout the Application’s lifecycle. Unlike standalone apps, MIO MAP provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to deploying enterprise mobility. Enterprises can now easily address the various challenges of integrating their MDM, MAM and MIM’s solutions and ensuring that a unified security, policy and compliance architecture can be applied across all mobile assets.

Device management

MIO MAP provides an easy way to manage your devices. Whether you deploy corporate devices, or your employees bring their own (BYOD). MIO MAP enables you to enrol devices in your enterprise environment quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and secure mobile devices and manage device life cycle right through decommissioning.

Mobile Application Management

Regulate the distribution of business apps while providing your mobile users all the apps they need. Apps can be installed silently and deployed without any user interaction required. This makes it easy for your mobile workforce and keeps them up-to-date and effective without interrupting their work.

Mobile Content Management

MIO MAP’s “secure docs” – allows you to control your valuable enterprise content. With secure docs, you can set rules for who sees what documents and what they are allowed to do with them. Enable productivity in a secure way on mobile devices by giving your employees access to the documents they need. Your users remain productive and can collaborate in a secure way.

Mobile Security Management

MIO MAP protects the integrity of your IT environment by incorporating identity, context, and privacy enforcement to set the appropriate level of access to enterprise data and services. MIO MAP uses industry leading encryption technology to ensure that data on the device, on removable media, on air and on cloud platform remains private and secure.

Mobile Expense Management

With MIO MAP you can configure mobile device and travel expenses to monitor expenses vis a vis budgets, expense by mobile operators, by device platforms, by geographies, by business territories, by users, by roaming thereby providing you with better management and control of your mobile workforce communication and travel expenses.

Enterprise App Store

Using the MIO MAP enterprise app store you can create a branded app store for corporate approved apps, custom apps, third party apps, public apps which your users with BYOD policies, company device users, business partners and other such ecosystem participants can access, download and install or receive notifications to install.