Mobile and Cloud Enabled Distribution Management System

Distribution Management

The business transformation capabilities of MIO MAP drive the fire power of “Distribution Management”. The solution provides sales and distribution – business process and data across the multiple regional, geographical spread of the distribution landscape with its own Route to Market strategy (business and sales areas identified) – harnessing the power of Cloud, Mobile and Big Data to provide valuable Volume and Value insights. The Solution provides valuable and accurate sales information on stock levels, delivery statistics, channel purchase volume and behaviour – becoming the living breathing lifeline of accurate information on for the company’s distribution strategy within Market context.

MIO MAP “Distribution Management” solution provides a comprehensive view of the sales distribution cycle with its powerful easy to configure, deploy and use features.

  • Easy configuration of Route to Market- channels
  • Configure with ease SKU’s – pack sizes, unit of measurement etc
  • Track Logistics fulfilment process into stock points and monitor and manage stock   levels
  • Track 100% purchase volume transaction across all the sales channels
  • Monitor and manage stock levels- at each stock point
  • Control and manage the Empties evacuation
  • Provide the power of information to your Distributors

MIO MAP – Distribution Management has been deployed by a number of global enterprises providing them with key data insights to the process of country wide route to market execution on – SKU wise purchase volumes , stock levels and depletion trends – enabling efficient forecasting, production planning, market segmentation and promotion executions, sales planning and forecasting – increasing the net sales for their companies.