Deliver more – with MIO Mobile App Platform

Deliveries Management

Delayed deliveries, in-correct loads and deliveries, mis-routed deliveries, unaccounted time, un-reconciled deliveries and manual POD’s are inefficiencies that can be dealt with very quickly by implementing MIO MAP – deliveries management. With MIO MAP – DM solution, you can now plan, schedule, route, despatch, monitor trip status, ePOD’s all in real time. Combine all these with on device customer information; taking returns, pre-trip vehicle inspections, real time tracking and tracing – and you have a deliveries solution that will add tremendous value to both your business and your customer satisfaction.

MIO MAP – DM will reduce the existing friction in the deliveries cycle, thereby allowing you to deliver more with increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

Streamlining your deliveries management


  • Route planning
  • Delivery assignments
  • Load verification & acceptance
  • Tracking and tracing/Stop details
  • Communicate with drivers
  • Pre-vehicle inspections
  • Trip view in real time
  • Proof of delivery with GPS coordinates
  • Over/short/damages/returns
  • Bar code scanning
  • Work offline